Development Capabilities

The product development and engineering team at Magna Foundry employ the best technologies available, paired with tried and true foundry practices to create tooling and process techniques that reliably and consistently meet the casting needs of our customers.Our trained and experienced foundry experts review all designs at the beginning of the order process to ensure compatibility with accepted foundry standards. Three dimensional modeling software and analytical tools like Solidworks,EdgeCAM are used to engineer robust foundry procedures to produce high integrity castings.Starting from a concept idea, an outline drawing or a mock-up model, our design team can quickly provide detailed drawings that will help you finalise your design requirements. The team works with you to establish the key features required for your product. By fully understanding your requirements, we can tailor your product to do the job it is intended for. To ensure the design of your product fulfills these requirements, we use CAD technology via Solidworks™ software, which allows you to visualise the final product.

Once happy, we can continue to the simulation stage. Once the designs have been approved, we run a full casting simulation with the goal of developing optimum integrity that will ensure that quality is maintained in the casting process. CAD models are created to simulate casting, using software methods that mimic this process. This negates the need for actual production trials and gives both you and us a high level of confidence before expensive tooling is manufactured. Once your product is designed and has undergone simulation, our technical team liaise with your design engineers to progress to development stage.

Typically, this consultation process includes discussions on a range of points, from viability and cost-saving measures to material options and tolerance considerations. The aim of this review is to balance commercial considerations with practical aspects, such as weight, strength and function