Casting Facilities

The workshop is a 25000sqm facility built in 1994 and houses state-of-the-art pattern-making,Sand Plant, Coreshop, Melting, Green Sand Moulding, Furan Fast Loop Line , Heat Treatement, and Fetting facilities. Installation of a 1000 kW/1000 Hz Tri Track Inductotherm steel shell furnaces of 3.6 tons capacity. Tri track is selected to augment and improve utilisation factor by reducing the idle time. From the single electrical power unit power varying from 0 to 100% can be simultaneously given to three furnaces. Tri Track Medium frequency induction melting furnace is the Maximizing Melting at the Lowest Power Demand concept. The new Hunter XL capable of producing up to 180 molds / hr (dry cycle) is about 50% faster than the Hunter HMP 20 E, which it is replacing. The mold size is 600 mm x 500 mm x400 mm, identical to the Hunter HMP 20 E machine. Squeeze pressure is 10 Kg/, so that, to produce high quality molds more efficiently and within closer tolerance. Auto lock quick pattern change system with hydraulically operated piston style clamping, eliminates pattern bolt down time allowing true drop in pattern changes. New Core shop has the capacity of 1,00,000 lakh shoots per month. RFID tags are fixed to all core boxes and the relevant process parameters are programmed for each tag. This core shop has been fitted with a new Laempe mixer which can handle from 50 kg per batch and produce 5 Tons per hour. This mixer can handle any no of recipe to suit individual core requirements to have a better control on the core quality.